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Join us for your internship!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

With new 2023 year 🎄, comes a new semester and time for M2 internships in France! Thus, we are searching for brilliant interns to join our team on two major topics of our R&D development:

(1) Biosensor development for the core device unit. Bring your top notch chemistry knowledge to the team ;)

(2) Device integration - probably the most interdisciplinary task within our R&D team. Here we are looking for someone extremely curious with notions in mechanics & electronics.

You will be working closely with the entire team and with our company's founders! Don’t hesitate to apply!

Check out more detailed descriptions of the internship offers below 👇

Internship offer - biosensor
Download PDF • 751KB

Internship offer - assembly
Download PDF • 685KB

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